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Are static IPs available?

Yes static IP's are available and provided when a Packetworks service team sets up a business and their network.


What kind of support is offered?

Packetworks provides 24x7 customer support.

Are fibre optic connections available?

Fibre optic connection have become more accessible.  Come and speak to us to see if this is suitable for your organization.

What are the differentiators of Packetworks compared to other companies?

Visit the page entitled, "The Packetworks Edge".


When setting up our network is there support for configuring our router? 

Yes. Service technicians will also help your business configure the router once they are on-site.

In the event my business purchases a new router is router configuration support provided?

Yes our service team can provide guidance on how to configure a new router.


Contact us for answers to any questions regarding your network.

What Our Customers Have To Say

After spending several hours on the phone with our former provider’s ‘support’ and without an end in sight, we switched to Packetworks, and we haven’t looked back!

David Oatman, President

Kirwin and Oatman



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