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We are excited to offer the residents of Embro lightning-fast, reliable and consistent internet access via our Fibre Optic network. 


What's New!

Packetworks is in the process of expanding our Fibre Network in Embro. Individuals residing on the following streets can now sign up for Fibre to the Home services:

  • Huron St
  • Wallace St

At the conclusion of this construction, all of the homes in Embro will have access to Packetworks Fibre to the Home Network.

If you live in an existing "Fibre Network Phase" in Embro and do not have the service, we will be happy to do it while we're in the community. 

Give us a call at 1 (866) 723-7703 ext. 2 or email sales@packetworks.net 


Packages for You

Products & Service Details Monthly Cost
 15 Mbps Symmetric Internet Service $69.95
15 Mbps Internet + Voice Bundle $94.95
15 Mbps Internet + Voice + SB TV $134.90

50 Mbps Symmetric Internet Service

50 Mbps Internet + Voice Bundle $109.95
50 Mbps Internet + Voice + SB TV $149.90
100 Mbps Symmetric Internet Service $109.95
100 Mbps Internet + Voice Bundle $124.95
100 Mbps Internet + Voice + SB TV $164.90


**All packages include unlimited data.

Why Fibre Optics?

  • Packetworks’ Fibre to the Home (FTTH) is 100% new, state of the art fibre optic cabling – no copper
  • Fibre optic cable  runs underground, then directly to the inside of your home
  • Full fibre optic connection for ultimate lightning fast speed, reliability and consistency for you  
  • Fibre to the Home can increase home value by approximately 3% 


Call our support line at 1 (866) 723-7703 ext. 3

Or email support@packetworks.net




What Our Customers Have To Say

Packetworks’ fibre optic network gave us immediate ultra-fast Internet access that has given us services beyond our expectations. We receive excellent value for the dollar and – most importantly – they deliver on their promises.

Sam Khanna, Controller

J.E. Bearing & Machine Ltd.



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