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The Packetworks Edge

Packetworks specializes in helping those who haven’t been helped by the big guys. When you’ve had enough frustration with the long waits, red tape and poor communications that happen when you are low on their list of priorities, contact us!  

We make it simple for you to benefit from the advantages of technology:

We connect out-lying, rural and geographically dispersed areas as well as urban centres that are not well served by the incumbents. No matter where you are, we understand the distinct networking challenges you face – and we can solve them.

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What Our Customers Have To Say

Packetworks’ fibre optic network gave us immediate ultra-fast Internet access that has given us services beyond our expectations. We receive excellent value for the dollar and – most importantly – they deliver on their promises.

Sam Khanna, Controller

J.E. Bearing & Machine Ltd.



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