3 Regulatory Compliance Issues Made Simple With SIP/VOIP Calling 

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Compliance in the IT world can refer to many different things.

Executives and decision makers in a business must have proper access and control to their IT systems. These systems must be able to comply with the needs and demands of the business.

IT systems must also comply with government rules and regulation, which are designed to provide a fair and open market, as well as a safe usage model.

The challenge of balancing all of these compliance issues falls onto the IT department of a business.

Packetworks SIP/VOIP calling solutions can help make these compliance issues become non-issues. A SIP/VOIP solution can also be rapidly implemented into your business. Read on to learn about 3 simple solutions that our calling technologies offer.

phoneComputer-like, Phone System Management

Compliance issues often become problems out of ignorance to a particular set of problems. If a team of IT managers does not have the specific training required to fully manage a certain system, assumptions and over-sites can occur. This allows for security threats and other compliance issues to creep in, as IT best practices are not being followed.

This exact problem often manifests itself in small to medium sized businesses who are employing VOIP/SIP calling systems in order to reap some of the many benefits of the new technologies, but are not fully trained to manage said systems. It is a temptation to treat a SIP/VOIP system exactly the same as a telephone system - they accomplish the same goal after all. However, a SIP/VOIP network is not a telephone network, it is a computer network. It uses the web and digital networks to make and receive phone calls, not the telephone network. As such it must be held to the same digital security standard as all other computer networks.

A SIP/VOIP network that can be managed by trained network specialists is able to ensure that all compliance issues are covered. These issues could be areas such as system updates, hardware upgrades and certified trouble shooting methods. By managing the SIP/VOIP calling network for what it is - a computer system, and not what it appears to be - a phone system, full network compliance and peace of mind can be attained.

Proper Storage, Organization and Security of Caller Information

There are numerous industry specific policies and regulations regarding the storage and security of caller information. For example, financial companies must keep confidential records of all client calls and personal data. If the proper storage and encryption is not utilized in response to client information, then a business is not properly following the rules and regulations associated with collecting user data.

A SIP/VOIP calling system helps in this area by giving the ability to be fully encrypted and private. Since the calling line is a computer network, not a phone network (see point 1), proper network security measures can be implemented.

911 Emergency Services

In the past SIP/VOIP calling systems had the major disadvantage of not being able to call 911 emergency services as effectively as a traditional phone line. This is due to the fact that SIP/VOIP systems are not directly associated with an address. This issue has been responded to in both Canada and the United States.

The solution was a regulatory system which requires SIP/VOIP lines to be associated with a physical address. This address must be updated if the SIP/VOIP calling devices are ever moved to a new location. Depending on location, this regulation may be mandatory for your business. Packetworks is able to lend its expertise in helping you meet all regulatory and compliance issues.


A team of network specialists, trained in the nuances of SIP/VOIP communication will help ensure that your business meets all policies, regulations and compliance issues related to safety and security. Packetworks is able to fully assist in providing these sorts of services to businesses. Contact us today.


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