Advantage of VOIP Communications for Small Business 

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is one of the fastest growing communication technologies in the business world today. VOIP has a multitude of advantages over traditional phones in the areas of cost, portability, hardware requirements, calling rates, and calling features. Along with this, they carry very few disadvantages.

VOIP callingHardware Cost

Upgrading an entire communications system to a new VOIP system can seem daunting. The handset costs associated with VOIP are the highest initial cost, but often the only initial cost, when upgrading to a VOIP system. Handsets range in price from $50 to $400, depending on features. For a small business that requires only a few handsets, this cost will not be large.


Since VOIP is done over the internet and not through traditional phone lines, a VOIP system is extremely portable. It can be utilized wherever an internet connection is present - even through the data connection on a cell phone. A VOIP system can also be moved and deployed to any location, without having to change numbers or settings.

Hardware Requirements

A fast and stable internet connection is the only requirement for VOIP communication. There does not need to be multiple lines, or multiple internet connections (although this may be recommended for backup purposes). The internet connection should be a high bandwidth connection that does not fluctuate in speed or ping.

Calling Rates

Calling rates are typically the largest money saver associated with VOIP calling. Rates are often a quarter or a tenth of the cost of a traditional phone’s calling rates. Unlimited packages can be purchased to make unlimited calls throughout North America, or even the globe.

Call Features

Since VOIP phones operate over the internet, they can be upgraded with the latest features at a moments notice. Features such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Conference Calling, and Caller ID Block are all available at either no charge, or for a very low cost. Using the internet as a communication medium instead of a phone line drastically increases the capabilities and the innovation that can happen with VOIP calling services.


VOIP calling is one of the fastest growing technologies for communication today, and is the absolute best option for all communication services - provided a fast and stable internet connection is available. Contact Packetworks today to take advantage of the advantages of VOIP calling today.

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