Alternatives to Bell, Rogers and Telus For Small Business Internet & Communications 

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Bell, Rogers and Telus are the “Big 3” of Canadian internet and communication services companies. Together they control the lion’s share of both the consumer and business Canadian telecommunications markets.

However, there are viable alternatives to the "Big 3" when it comes to internet and communication services, especially in the business context. Moving away from Bell, Rogers and Telus can save a business money as well as increase productivity. Read on to learn more.

Is An Alternative Provider Able to Provide the Same Level of Connection

An alternative internet and communication service provider, such as Packetworks, is able to provide an identical (and sometimes even a better) quality of business network to those provided by the "Big 3." At Packetworks we provide full networking solutions to our customers. We are able to use the same lines as the "Big 3," and we can also offer our own lines that are dedicated to your business (depending on location). We have a full range of wireless, DSL, cable and fiber internet options available.

Reduce Cost and Increase Productivity

The "Big 3" have a massive market share, and as such they have no incentive to offer the fastest speeds and the lowest prices to their customers. Working with Packetworks can save your business up to 40% of its monthly internet costs, while providing even faster connections. This increase in connection speed allows for an increase in productivity, as more data is able to move through the network without having to wait.

Full Range of Internet and Network Options

At Packetworks we offer a full range of internet options, including Wireless, DSL, Cable and Fiber. We also offer SIP and VOIP communication solutions in order to reduce your business's communication costs per month, while simultaneously offering more calling features.

A Relationship With Your Internet Provider

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with Packetworks is that we are dedicated to providing your best internet solution, not selling you our favored solution. There is no middle man, and as such you can work directly with Packetworks to ensure that all of your internet, network and communication service needs are not only met but exceeded. Network providers in the "Big 3" are only interested in providing you with their solution that has not been tailored to your needs. If you are looking to increase your network's productivity, while reducing cost, contact us today.

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