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Several months ago I wrote an article entitled Blackberry vs iPhone vs Android: Which is the Best for Business, and I went on to recommend Blackberry as the best business option due to their combination of business focused features, and modern operating system - BB10. Now Apple’ iOS 8 is poised to be released in the coming weeks and the question must be asked, "Will it change anything in the business phone landscape, or will Blackberry continue to reign supreme?" Read on to find out.

Isn’t the iPhone Designed for Consumers?

The iPhone platform was revealed in 2007, and at the time was primarily focused on everyday consumers. In fact, it was the only smartphone on the market to focus primarily on everyday consumers as everyone else at the time (Blackberry, Palm, etc.) catered to business users nearly exclusively.

The iPhone’s consumer focus has allowed it to become the best selling electronic device in the world, and with that popularity came many things: amazing developer support, an extensive, supported, and constantly updated App Store, and instant device recognition and ease of use with other electronics, such a computers, tv’s, and media players. All of these advancements directly benefit business users, as it means the iPhone has the most developer support and some of the best apps of any phone out ther.

What Changes is iOS 8 Bringing for Business?

The iPhone has slowly added business features over the years, and this years iOS 8 is no different. The following are the biggest additions for business users:


  • Improved Security: All data from mail, calendar, contacts, and notes are kept fully encrypted and locked until after the phone is unlocked following a restart. Also, mail messages are able to utilize S/MIME encryption in order to add further protection. 
  • Email: The mail app is getting an overhaul, adding in loads of features to keep track of important emails, and bring priority threads to the top. Automatic messages such as, “out of office…” messages can also be set up directly from your iPhone for a timed periord.  
  • Improved IT Management: IT departments can better manage company data without having to burden or over complicate things for the day-to-day user. 
  • Improved Presentation Playback: One of the best features of iOS devices for business was their seamless ability to give presentations and reports on the big screen without need for a laptop. These features are getting further improved in iOS 8. 
  • Many More. These are only a brief sampling of the business features that iOS 8 brings.


Data Security - Can iOS Keep My Data Private?

The foremost question on nearly every business user’s mind is security. Can iPhone measure up to Blackberry when it comes to the security of my email and messages? The answer is yes. The iPhone utilizes full encryption for the entire phone, and iMessages (equivalent to BBM) are always kept fully encrypted. Email is also encrypted, so the security of your information relies on the strength of your password, not in the encryption itself.


iOS 8 improves on Apple’s model of slow and steady improvements to the iOS platform for both business and consumer users. The added encryption, email, and presentation features make it a compelling option for businesses. Both iPhone and Blackberry are excellent choices for businesses, so choose whichever one you prefer to use on a daily basis.


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