Are Mobile Internet Sticks Worth Your Money?

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One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that it provides you with almost instantaneous accessibility to any information you could possibly want. Originally, we were limited to our desktop computer at home; then the laptop was introduced and as long as we were in an area with Wi-Fi a plethora of knowledge was at our fingertips. It was at about this time that something called the mobile Internet stick was introduced. This stick boasted that it could give you Internet accessibility everywhere: at your cottage, a coffee shop, your basement, your car, anywhere you could possibly think of. However, as our dependence on technology and the Internet increased, most public places started providing free Wi-Fi. Now we also have smart phones and tablets that are able to access the Internet through Wi-Fi or their data network in almost every situation. Does this mean that mobile Internet sticks are now obsolete and a waste of money? Read on to find out.


There are actually quite a few advantages of using mobile wireless broadband in and outside of your home. If you’re someone who chooses to use the Internet strictly for checking and sending emails then a mobile Internet stick may be a much more feasible and cost effective investment. This is especially true if you don’t use a landline for making and receiving calls, because in most cases you have to set up landline to have Internet access. It’s also very convenient because you don’t have to wait around for technicians to come to your house sometime between 8 and 5 before you can get on with your life. When you walk out of the store with a mobile Internet stick, you set it up on your own as soon and as quickly as you want. Mobile wireless broadband can also be beneficial to students who change residences often and need access to the Internet as quickly as possible for class assignments. Mobile Internet sticks conveniently offer varied pay as you go options, which is especially useful for those who don’t use the Internet as often as others. Finally, there is no contract involved in mobile wireless broadband, which means you can switch to a new provider at the drop of the hat if you find a better deal.

While there are some appealing attributes that the mobile Internet sticks offer, there are also quite a few frustrating disadvantages involved. If you are a heavy Internet user, mobile Internet access can actually cost more than a standard hardwire broadband connection. This is because data transfer using cable costs less than transferring data over 3G networks. This also means that there are more restrictions for your usage and download limits. The usual allowance for this is about 1GB to 3GB. If you exceed this limit then you’ll get charged almost 15 times more for additional usage than a standard hardwire broadband package would charge you. Another major drawback for mobile wireless broadband is that its speed is far more inferior to the hardwire broadband packages. On average you’ll get about 1Mbps with an Internet stick as opposed to 8Mbps with the standard broadband connection. The speed will slow down depending on your location, especially if there are multiple users trying to connect at the same time. Finally, while mobile wireless broadband can give you the advantage of pay as you go, initially you’ll have to shell out about $200 to stay contract free.

When it comes down to it, you have to decide how much Internet you need to use on a daily basis. Now that most public places provide free Wi-Fi, the Internet is more accessible than ever. However, there are still places where finding an Internet connection is like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where a mobile stick would come in handy. If you’re planning on streaming lots of videos and playing games on your computer, a hardwire broadband connection is a much more realistic and cost efficient option. If you’ll just be using the Internet to check email and do a little bit of browsing then a mobile Internet stick will definitely be the cheaper route to go.


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