Avaya Softphones: Make Cheap Long Distance Calls from Your Computer and Cell Phone 

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The internet has brought about a massive change in telecommunications technology - no longer is a physical telephone line needed in order to run a business and make/receive calls. Packetworks, in partnership with Avaya, is working towards bringing the future to business telecommunications by utilizing the latest innovations in internet, computing and wireless technology.

phoneWhat is a Softphone?

A softphone is simply a 'software phone.' This means a softphone is a virtual phone. Softphones operate via software running on an existing operating system, instead of being a designated device with it's own operation system. A softphone can be run on operating systems such as Windows, Android or iOS.

The softphone program has the same functionality and features as a traditional phone, such as the ability to make and receive calls, voice-mail, caller ID and conference calling. The system is setup using a number from the location of the business's choosing. This allows for a business in any location to operate telephone numbers from any region. A business in Toronto could take and receive local calls from British Columbia by setting up their softphones for local numbers in that area.

How Does it Reduce Cost?

Softphones reduce cost in two ways:

1. No physical hardware cost. The software that the softphone uses can cost a fee, but this fee is much lower then purchasing an entire range of physical telephone or SIP phone devices for employees

2. SIP calling rates. SIP phones enjoy much more affordable calling rates when compared to traditional telephone rates. Click here to learn more about SIP phone calling rates.

How Can I Get a Softphone system setup?

Packetworks is partnered with Avaya in order to provide softphone setup, training and maintenance. We also specialize in providing ultra fast internet and networking solutions to businesses in order to bring them up to capability with the latest web innovations and technologies. Packetworks is the business internet and telecommunications expert.

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