Benefits and Advantages of VPS - Virtual Private Server 

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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is identical in function to a dedicated physical server. An operating system is installed to the VPS, and users have full access to control the system and install/run software. VPS’s suffer slightly in performance compared to a physical server, depending on the user’s needs, but are less expensive. VPS’s, due to their software nature, are also much more easily setup and configured.


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What Tasks Should a VPS be Used For?

VPS’s excel in many areas, both increasing productivity, and lowering costs. Some of the many areas are:

  • Work Server for files
  • VOIP server that clients can login to
  • PCI DSS Hosting Solution
  • Web Hosting to resell and share to customers
  • Desktop replacement that can be accessed anywhere in the world via internet

What Should a VPS Not Be Used For

VPS’s should not be used for tasks that require a lot of post processing on the server. Due to their virtual nature, the performance of a VPS can be much slower then a dedicated server, if it is given task it was not designed to handle. Such tasks can include:

  • Video Processing
  • Photo Processing
  • Folding, and other number crunching based applications
  • Real-time media streaming


Advantages of a VPS

A VPS contains nearly all of the functionality to a dedicated physical server, as well as several advantages. Advantages are:

  • Due to software nature, can be very easily setup and deployed compared to a physical server
  • Much cheaper to operate compared to a physical server (low monthly fee, no initial cost to purchase server)
  • Can be created and removed as necessary
  • Access to Off-Site Locations: a VPS can be hosted nearly anywhere, and in places that provide much better bandwidth and speed then a business’ physical location may allow.




A VPS is a compelling option for businesses looking to operate their own server, without the high initial cost and commitment of purchasing a dedicated server. A VPS is also a more modular system, able to be more easily setup and configured then a dedicated server. Packetworks is able to provide the technology to power your VPS with high bandwidth internet and lightning fast speeds.


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