Benefits of Having a Wide Area Network (WAN) For Your Business 

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A wide area network (WAN) can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your business' network in many ways. Many features that are difficult or time consuming to implement over a LAN become simple and easy to use over a WAN. These features will save time, improve data sharing and improve the effectiveness of all employees on the network.

LAN vs WAN: Benefits of Each Network Type

Improve the Size of Your Network

One of the most obvious benefits of a WAN network is the physical size increase of the network that is made possible. A traditional LAN network is constrained in size to no more than a single building/floor and cannot have much more than a dozen or so users. Any increases beyond this will start to slow the network down drastically, affecting the performance of all users.

A WAN network is virtually limitless in size, being able to cover all floors of a building, or even an entire campus. It also can accommodate a multitude of users.

Improved Data Sharing

Data sharing and syncing over a business network is crucial to the productivity and effectiveness of team members. Documents and files need to be updated simultaneously across a network in order that every employee has access to the latest version. This also allows users to switch workstations/computers without having to fear loss of data.

Share Software and Resources

Business software licenses are typically designed to be shared across a network by a number of users. A WAN provides the correct environment for this to happen. A multitude of workstations can all connect to the WAN and have access to the same data, files and applications – without having to do unique installs on each device.

Device Sharing

Devices such as printers or internet phone lines can be expensive to purchase. A WAN network allows for these devices to be shared across the network, allowing all users to have access to them without having to purchase a multitude of devices. Learn about the security implications of bringing your own devices to work.


A WAN network brings many advantages to businesses that are crucial to productivity and efficiency in a business network setting. The advantages of increased network size, data syncing and sharing, and shared software and devices all add up to make a WAN network an essential for every business that has more than a single user on its network. Packetworks specializes in providing the fastest and most reliable WAN network services. Contact us today.



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