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Page load times are one of the largest contributing factors in how many visitors view a website. Web surfers are becoming more and more impatient the faster internet gets. If a page takes longer than a few seconds to load, many viewers will abandon the site, and never view any content.

“Every millisecond matters” – Google Engineer.


How Many Users Abandon Per Second


Load Times vs Page Abandonment

A full 7% of users will abandon a website after just 1 second how loading time. This increases to 35% of users after 10 seconds of loading time. Fast, efficient, loading time is pivotal in increasing viewers, and as such increasing revenue due to sales or ad revenue.

If your website is responsible for $50,000 in sales per day, a 7% drop in viewers due to a 1 second page delay could result in $1.25 million in lost sales per year.

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Example: The Google Story

Google Vice President Marissa Mayer asked web surfers – would you rather see 10 or 30 results for your Google search? The users agreed that 30 results per page sounded like a good idea. So Google implemented it on some results pages.

Pages that displayed 30 results each had traffic to them drop an astounding 20%. Google tested the loading difference between the 10 and 30 results pages and found that it was just half of a second. If half of a second made that much of a difference in how long users were willing to wait, how much of a difference could it make to your site if you carved a second or two off of load time?


How Packetworks Can Help

Packetworks is a provider in reliable, high speed internet, and is able to provide your company with fast upload times to better increase your page load times on your website. Packetworks is a leader in networking and internet technology and is able to equip your business with the next level of networking and communications to become connected to the World Wide Web. Our experts can also consult you in how to best set up servers and provide bandwidth to all of your clients.



Load times are one of the largest contributing factors in how many visitors view your website. Ensure load times are as short as possible, and every fraction of a second makes a huge difference. Packetworks is able to provide ultra-fast internet connections which will allow for fast upload speeds to get your business online, and in the eyes of customers even faster. A fast upload speed allows for rapid upload of data to visitor's computers.

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