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In part one of this series it was shown how page load times can have a drastic impact on the number of viewers visiting a website. Even a second or two more of load time can have a large effect on the number of viewers. This article will focus on several practical ways to shorten page load times, and therefore: get more viewers to your website.


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Method 1: GZIP Compression


GZIP compression is a compression method that can shrink files by up to 70%, but still retain full quality. Loading a smaller file always means fast load times. If hosting your own website, you should start using GZIP compression on your servers immediately. If not, you should ask your web host to start using it. Click here to run a test to see if your website already uses GZIP compression


Method 2: Efficient Use of Javascript and Stylesheets


Javascripts and CSS stylesheets can add some of the most eye-catching and dynamic elements to a website, but they also require time to load. You will want your scripts and CSS to load up in external files, rather then having them load on every page. Ideally you want the CSS and Javascript elements to load last, so that the text portion of your website can load up immediately for the viewer. The exception to this is your website requires the use of a CSS or Javascript elements immediately, before any text has loaded in.


Method 3: Image Compression and Resizing


Image editing programs such as Photoshop have a “Save for Web” option. This always images to take up much less space on a server, while still looking almost identical in quality. Images should also always be resized to their intended size before uploading them to a server. HTML allows for easy resizing of images on a web page, but this only effects how an image looks, not its actual size. A web browser still has to load the entire full size image from the server, and then check the HTML code to see if it needs to make it smaller. By resizing images before uploading them to the server, you will save precious load time on your web pages.


Method 4: Fast Upload Time on Servers


You cannot control the internet speed of the viewers visiting your website, but you can control the speed of your servers. A fast upload speed is absolutely essential in delivering content rapidly to viewers. Also ensure that your servers have a high bandwidth connection, so they can service many viewers at once without slowing down. You want the fastest upload speeds, and the most bandwidth possible to ensure that your internet connection is never the bottleneck when providing content for viewers. Packetworks specializes in providing high bandwidth connections that have the highest upload and download speeds possible. 




Decreasing page load times often requires a combination of many tweaks, rather then one simple change. Ensure your websites are properly coded, use image and file compression, and are equipped with the fastest upload speeds and the most bandwidth possible. 


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