BlackBerry vs iPhone vs Android: Which is Best for Business 

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Blackberry was the former smartphone champion for years, but recently Apple and Android have emerged as the titans of the smartphone industry. Blackberry was left behind as Android and Apple led the charge with innovation and captured the hearts of millions of smartphone users. Blackberry wasn’t idle however, they crafted their master creation: BlackBerry 10, and it has just recently been released to the public, can their new OS win back business focused users, or should those users look to offerings from Android or Apple? Read on to find out.

Mobile OS's

Key features of each

Apple: Apple prides itself on simplicity and efficiency. It has a very clean operating system with iOS that is fast, efficient, and offers the most fleshed out application library on the market. Apple’s focus is on the user experience, they try to maximize productivity and enjoyment through minimalism and a fluid, fast experience.

Android: Android has the largest market share in the smartphone industry with the backing of thousands of different handsets. Google’s vision with Android is an open operating system that all are free to use. Because of this there are many different versions of android running on all types of phones. Android also offers an application library to rival Apple’s. Android is back by Google, and offers syncing with many of Google’s services such as Google Drive, and Gmail.

BlackBerry: BlackBerry has had business as its focus since the beginning. They offer push email, unified inbox, and high security features for both the phone, and the network it runs on. They also market their messaging services such as BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry Voice, for an integrated messaging and voice experience that works internationally without the need for international contracts.

BlackBerry 10 brings many new features such as an intuitive touch screen keyboard that outclasses the touch keyboards in iPhone and Android. It also offers the ability to switch your phone from work mode to home mode, to differentiate the two environments and limit distractions. It also features a gesture based user interface that functions in a more graceful way then iOS or Android.


Key Similarities and Differences

Apple and Blackberry offer very similar smartphone experiences. Both are closed in nature, which allows them to offer high security. Both Apple and BlackBerry build and sell their own phones.

Android on the other hand is an open OS that runs on a multitude of phones. This open source nature is both a boon and bane. Its strength is that it runs on thousands of different devices and as such a user can purchase the exact device to suit them. The negative however is that since the OS is so open and easy to develop for, its security is relatively low and there is a lot of malware that exists for the platform.

Going back to Apple, they market to the consumer, not the business man. Their phones are very good, but it’s a consumer first, business second focus. That is not to say they do bad in business environments, they perform adequately, but BlackBerry offers some small features, such as a better push email experience, unified inbox, and the ability to change the phone from work mode to personal mode, to differentiate the business side from the home side. This small details add up, and make the BlackBerry ecosystem very attractive to business owners.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

Mobile Fusion is a service from BlackBerry that allows a business to manage a fleet of phone’s that contains handsets from Apple, Android, and BlackBerry. Mobile Fusion allows the different devices in your employee’s hands to all be managed effectively.

It also brings out even more business features on BlackBerry 10 devices in your business, such as a corporate app store, BlackBerry Balance to balance home and work environments on devices, and multiple device management for syncing Playbook tablets with BlackBerry phones.

Mobile Fusion is a unique product in the business smartphone landscape, and at the moment has no direct competitors. Any business managing a significant number of employee phones should look into Mobile Fusion.



Several months ago I would have recommended the iPhone for any business organization considered a new phone, but with the release of BlackBerry10 and the new Z10 phone, BlackBerry has reclaimed its position as best for business. Their focus on business offers the most features and services for any business setting, and they offer solid security to keep your data safe.


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