Business VOIP Calling: Advantage of VOIP Services 

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VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is the next generation in telecommunication technology. It offers more features, lower prices, and farther reach compared to a traditional telephone line. It uses an internet connection rather than a telephone line in order to provide calling service. This article will go through some of the key ideas regarding VOIP calling.

Advantages Over Traditional Phone

Cost: Typically a VOIP solution will be less than half the cost of a traditional phone line. Cost savings are even greater when calling long-distance or to foreign countries. Plans are normally paid as either a flat monthly fee which provides unlimited calling access, or a rate system which charges on a usage basis.

Features: A VOIP calling package will almost always come with most standard features. These features include:

  • Caller ID with Name

  • Call Waiting with Caller ID

  • Voicemail

  • Call Transfer – instantly transfer a call to another number instantly

  • Simultaneous Ring – receive calls on many different numbers simultaneously

  • Conference Calling

  • Caller ID Block – block your own caller ID to increase your privacy

Number Portability:

There are no specific requirements as to what area code your VOIP number must use.  You could setup a Toronto based number, despite operating thousands of kilometers away in British Columbia. This allows you to offer a local number to potential customers, living outside of your home region.

Requirements to use VOIP Calling

VOIP calling only requires two things: a high bandwidth internet connection and a constant supply of electricity. A reliable source of both of things is absolutely essential however. VOIP calling will not work otherwise.

Packetworks Advantage

Packetworks is a specialist in both providing high speed, high bandwidth internet connections as well as providing business VOIP calling services. Packetworks can provide custom networking solutions that are purpose built for your business, in order to get the optimal performance, reliability and speed. Packetworks is able to provide remote internet and network services, in order to ensure that your business achieves that absolute best possible solution.


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