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Cloud networking (or cloud computing) is looking like the future for IT and computing in general. But what is cloud computing, and how could it help improve efficiency at your business?

Cloud computing is really just an idea. Take what you have on your computer, and put it on a remote server, allowing it to be accessed by anyone you want it to, anywhere in the world. Essentially, the modern computer’s role is being shrunk down, simply becoming the gateway to the server that does all the real work. The server (or “cloud”) could host files, process data, and run programs just like today’s normal computer (but on a much larger scale,) allowing smaller smartphones or laptops with less processing power to access these same things.


What Does It Mean For Your Business?

Simply put, it means a lot. With cloud networking you eliminate the need for people to be in the same building to work on a project together, reduce the need for high end computers, and allow your business to be more mobile. Here are just some examples of how cloud computing is used today:

A. A company has many offices across the world, all working together on a large project. With cloud networking all that one worker has to do is save it to “the cloud” and any other worker who wants to access this new file can see it, modify it, and re-save it instantly.

B. An employee of a company is required to move around a lot, and is limited to a smartphone for all their computing power. Although today’s smartphones are not capable of running many workstation applications, through the power of cloud computing they can still have access to all of the applications they need to work efficiently.

C.  An employee needs to be at home for one reason or another. This employee, with the help of cloud computing, has full access to company resources and is able to work just as if they were at the office without having to actually be there.

D. A very complex program that is far beyond the capabilities of a single computer is able to take full advantage of the computing power of the server, resulting in much less downtime that would occur if the single computer would have to run the program itself.

The above ideas are just the beginning. Cloud computing is becoming the ideal way to do data storage, processing, and even computing in general. So why isn’t everyone doing it?

The Disadvantages Of Cloud Networking

The main thing that prevents companies from switching to a purely cloud based infrastructure is the simple fact that if the internet goes down, so does your data, processing, and computing. Having this happen even just once per year often much outweighs the benefits that cloud computing provides. It becomes incredibly important to have a stable, reliable connection, lest you risk the possibility that you might not be able to use a computer on any given day.

Another smaller problem with cloud networking is bandwidth bottleneck. If there are dozens of people uploading large files simultaneously to the server, it could take a significantly longer time to save your work than just using a local computer. Therefore, it is also very important to have a very powerful and fast internet connection, as it keeps productivity up and wait times down.

So although cloud networking is the ideal way to run a computing infrastructure, you need a stellar internet connection to make it work. There is no need to gamble on cloud computing if you have a low quality internet connection, but if you have a solid connection that you have faith in, I’d suggest looking into this budding technology; it has massive potential.


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