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Corporate data security is of paramount importance in today’s technological world. A recent survey concludes that 90% of businesses have been hacked at least once. This number will continue to grow if businesses do not implement proper security solutions.

Ensuring that your business is unhackable is not possible, but making sure your business is extremely secure is something that every business should do, and something that is relatively simple. This article is the first in a 2 part series that focuses on encryption and data security. Next week’s article will focus on the value of data security. Read on to learn more.

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Encryption Services

Encryption services focus on encrypting user data in such a way that the data cannot be accessed without knowing the key that is used to lock the encryption originally. This will protect any data that happens to be leaked via email, a lost memory stick or a lost device. The following is the top encryption software recommended by Packetworks:

Backup Solutions

Backup solutions focus on backing up data at regular intervals in order to avoid data loss in the event of a lost device, power failure or natural disaster. Data should be backed up regularly to a site that is not on the same power grid. The following is the best backup software available today:

Cloud backup services are also an option, but it is not recommended that a business use traditional cloud backup services, since the username and password can become compromised, and the data will be unavailable in the event of a power failure. Depending on the nature of data and location, there may be questions of legality as well.

Antivirus and Anti-malware Solutions

Antivirus and anti-malware solutions are focused on preventing devices from being corrupted with viruses or malware from third party sources. Even the most careful internet browser will likely contract a piece of malware or a virus over time. Malicious software can hide in email attachments, web plugins and many other areas of the internet. Large businesses are routinely focused by malicious attacks in order to gain access to the businesses network.

The following is the best antivirus/anti-malware software for businesses today:

Use All Solutions to Maximize Security

A business should not implement only one of the above solutions. It is essential to have protection in all three areas: encryption, backup and anti-virus/malware. Without all three, a business will likely fall prey to a malicious attack and/or lose important corporate data. The above solutions are relatively simple to implement, requiring neither large amounts of time or investment to get started.

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