Email Troubleshooting Guide-

When Your Emails Are Not Getting To Your Recipient

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Technology is a great thing; however it can also be frustrating and not much is more frustrating than when a critical email is unable to reach its recipient. This post’s purpose is to help you alleviate this particularly annoying problem. Here are some things that could be wrong:


Your internet connection

As obvious as it seems, many people overlook this. I’d suggest checking this by trying to Google search something you haven’t ever before, or visiting a website you haven’t ever visited. If you visit a page that you have visited before, you may have the page cached, and therefore it will appear to load even though you are disconnected.


Your recipient’s email address

Again, it seems fairly obvious, but many people overlook this as well. Ask someone who you know has sent emails to the person you are trying to reach to see if you indeed have the correct address or if they accidentally gave you and incorrect one. Try calling their receptionist to confirm you have the proper email address.


In your recipients junk mail folder

If it is possible to reach the recipient in a means other than email, you can advise them to check their spam folder. There are many reasons that an email can be in the spam folder, and it is quite a common problem.


Recipient’s domain

The problem could be that the recipient’s domain is not allowing your emails to be received. The recipient’s domain could be having technical troubles or is offline, or your ISP/IP address/mail service is blacklisted. You can’t do much if the recipient’s domain is having technical problems, but there is a thing or two you can try to get around a blacklisting. If the email is urgent and must be sent immediately, you can try sending the email from a different mail service or from another ISP/IP (ideally from a computer that has been able to reach the recipient in the past). However, that is only a temporary solution, as you have to use that email/computer anytime you want to reach the recipient. It would be best to contact the internet service provider that the recipient uses and ask how one gets off their blacklist, especially if a large section of your company is unable to reach theirs, as the blacklisting could cause long term problems.


Email hasn’t arrived yet

Occasionally emails take a strangely long tome to send, and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. However, if it has been 24 hours you can generally write off email latency, and I’d suggest you look into other fixes.


Email bounces

If the email bounces, you will normally get an error message. I don’t have the time nor space to cover every possible error message, however many error messages are self-explanatory and shouldn’t take much time to fix. If a more complex error message comes up, I’d suggest looking the error up in a google search or asking someone with a good knowledge of IT about it. Some errors have a fix to them; others are more dependent on your or your recipient’s internet connection or domain and may require much more than a simple fix.


Now of course these aren’t all the things that could be wrong, but these are definitely the most common things that could be preventing your recipient from getting your email. Although not everything possible is covered, I hope this guide helps you to put away your email woes.


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