Five Simple Ways to Improve Business Network Security 

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Businesses today are super connected to the world around them through email, networks, smartphones, and other tech devices. Recent privacy exploits, such as the Heartbleed exploit, and the Adobe password leak, raise important security questions for each business. Read on for five simple steps that can be used to keep your business network more secure.

1. Set Annual Date to Change Passwords

Passwords need to be changed. This is for the protection of the business from both internal and external threats. The longer a password is in use, the higher chance there is of it being exploited. Be sure to get knowledge of the best types of passwords to use, and how often different types of passwords should be changed.

Passwords for important internet accounts, such as email and banking, should be of the highest priority to be changed on a regular basis.

A strong password, that is changed periodically is the absolute best way to protect oneself from brute-force hacking attempts, and any other unforeseen malicious hacks.

2. Stay Informed of the Latest Threats

Education on the latest threats will help an IT manager be able to take preemptive action against any serious rising trend in network security. The best way to remain familiar of the latest security innovations and news is to follow a blog such as:


  • Krebs on Security
  • McAffee Blog
  • Packet Pushers


3. Know Your Provider

Become familiar with your ISP's stance on data security, and client privacy. Some providers are relatively open with customer data to advertising firms and other agencies. Packetworks prides itself in keeping client privacy and security as a top priority with every network.

4. Dedicated Network

A dedicated local network is an extremely effective way to keep external threats out of a business network. The less amount of time your data spends traveling across the internet the better, as it lowers the number of opportunities there is for it to be exposed.

Packetworks is able to provide local network setup for businesses.

5. Monitor Network Activity

In the unfortunate event of a malicious virus or trojan attaching itself to your network, it will show itself in the network traffic. Proper monitoring of traffic across the network, as well as processes running on the business' computers is essential for detecting threats that have gone unseen.


A common sense, proactive approach is required for the best business security. It is not difficult to remain secure from all threats, but it will require some effort to ensure that security is uphold on a yearly basis



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