Four Simple Ways to Reduce Business Phone Service and Calling Costs 

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Business phone services for sales, support, or other purposes can add up quickly in price, especially with companies that rely on phones to do a significant portion of their business. This article will outline four simple ways that businesses can reduce costs and save money, while not losing any of the benefits of having a full phone service

1. SIP versus Traditional Phone Technology

A SIP phone utilizes the internet instead of telephone lines to make both long and short distance calls. A SIP phone still retains all of the benefits of traditional phone lines, but seeks to reduce cost by using only internet data transmissions. Click here to view an in-depth look at SIP phones.

2. Combine Phone Lines at a Single Location

Oftentimes businesses have several phone lines at location A, and several more at location B in order to handle the call load that could happen to either one at any point in time. Say location A has 4 phone lines, and location B has 4 lines (total of 8), there is a cost reduction available by combining all phone lines into a single location. It is possible instead for location A to have only 6 phones, and location B to have 0 by simply forwarding all calls through location A. This allows for two less phone lines, and much greater cost savings.

3. Utilize Internal Calling Capabilities

If a business is constantly calling its other locations across the region, an internal calling method can save a fair bit of money compared to calling the traditional way every time. Internal calling technology allows calls to be placed for free between all locations that utilize the same internal calling tech.

4. A Mobile Softphone

Long distance calls made over mobile are often the highest phone service costs that a business will incur. Mobile calling is typically highly expensive compared to calling via SIP or even when compared to traditional methods. A softphone can be used in order to further reduce costs. A softphone operates in the form of an app in order to make calls utilizing a data connection instead of ‘minutes’ allocated by the cell phone provider. A softphone enjoys the same cost savings of SIP phones.

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