Google's Apps for Work: Can a Small Business Run Off of Google's App Ecosystem?

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In today's marketplace all businesses need a certain amount of technology to operate. Company email, documents and many other things must appear professional while still operating in an efficient manner. Many companies elect to set up their own in-house servers and email services, and use popular applications such as Microsoft Office to carry out day to day operations.


Google offers an alternative for companies who do not want to setup their own email servers, but still wish to appear professional. Meet Google’s Apps for Work. Read on to learn more.

Google Apps

Professional and Secure Email Services

A common complaint from employees of companies with their own email servers is a lack of modern features in their business emails. Often in-house solutions use email services that are years behind more popular email clients (such as Google’s Gmail).


Why try to re-invent the wheel when it comes to email services for your business? Google’s Apps for Work are able to provide you email addresses at your company’s domain name (example:, and these email services are fully backed by the ease of use and security that users have to come to expect from Gmail.

Cloud Storage and Vault

Having some sort of off-site backup for business data is essential for keeping information safe in the event of a catastrophic event such as a fire or flood. Google’s Apps for Work are able to provide up to an unlimited storage space in the cloud for documents, data, and chat logs. This cloud vault is backed by an extensive array of administrator controls that are designed to keep your business running smoothly.

Security and Peace of Mind

Google uses the same security features and precautions that online banks use to separate their customer data and keep it safe. Google does not own your data, and will only keep it for as long as you require. Adherence to all government data storage regulations are met, and full scale spam and virus protections are in place for your email accounts and all other data. Your data could not be in more capable hands.

Data Freedom and Portability

Due to the nature of Google’s app ecosystem, a user is not tied to a specific computer, but instead can use any internet connected device with any operating system in order to access, retrieve and edit data as well as check email. This allows for a freedom in the choosing of devices, as well as a freedom in replacing devices, without having to worry about content backups or migrating settings.

Full Range of Applications

Microsoft Office is certainly a powerful set of software, but oftentimes it is too powerful for the needs of the common users. The amount of toolbars, options and auto-formatting features can be overwhelming. Google offers free use of Google’s productivity apps in order to get work done. These apps can create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Google also offers Hangouts for video conferencing, and an array of other apps for more specific user needs. All of these apps integrate seamlessly with the cloud in order to automatically back up data, and keep information safe.


Google’s Apps for Work are available at two price points:

$5 per user per month (or $50/year)

$10 per user per month (or $120/year)

  • Business email addresses (

  • Video and voice calls

  • Integrated online calendars

  • 30 GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing

  • Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides

  • Easy to create project sites

  • 24/7 phone and email support

  • Unlimited storage (or 1 TB per user if fewer than 5 users)

  • Advanced administrator controls of online data

  • Audit and reporting insights for online data

  • Google Vault for eDiscovery including emails, chat logs, documents and files

  • Search and export to various file formats

  • Archive all emails sent by your company

  • Adjustable Message retention policies

  • Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes

Conclusion: Why Should a Business Consider Google Apps?


Google Apps makes a lot of sense for many businesses. Many companies try to create their own in-house solutions, when they could be using Google Apps to get the job done. The added ease of use and simplicity of Google Apps for Work allows for an increase in productivity, as users can spend more time doing work, rather than trying to figure out how their custom email system operates. This article is not sponsored or endorsed by Google. Google Apps simply make a lot of sense.

Packetworks is able to provide the networking solutions that your business needs to power internet and communication connections that can be used to run Google’s Apps for Work and more.




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