Hosted VOIP Communications: Doing More for Less 

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The telecommunications industry is changing at an extremely fast rate, and without the help of a telecommunications specialist, it is difficult to remain at the current edge of technology. A Hosted VOIP solution with Packetworks could solve these issues, as they allow for a phone system that grows as technology grows, with no need to upgrade or revamp systems in the future. Read on to learn more about the immense benefits of VOIP communication.

wireless signalVOIP versus the Traditional Telephone

Traditional phone:

Traditional phone technology has not changed drastically in over a century since it was first created. Sound is converted to an electronic signal, and then transmitted through telephone lines to its destination. With long distance calls, the signal must be converted to a digital signal, and then transmitted via a digital network, or perhaps through a wireless or satellite network. This is why long distance costs more.

VOIP phone:

At their core, both VOIP and traditional phone systems do the same thing: transmit sound across vast distances. However, it is the way in which this is done that separates the two, and allows for VOIP to be such an advanced technology.

A VOIP system utilizes the internet in order to transmit data, and as such, information can be transmitted globally for no more expensive then it is to transmitted locally. Using the internet also allows for a wide range of enhancements to be made to the data that is being sent, which allows for immense innovation in the VOIP field.

Hosted VOIP or On-Premise VOIP

VOIP communications can be done in two ways:

Hosted VOIP (cloud based):

In a hosted VOIP system, all of the networking, equipment, software and other services are provided by Packetworks. This allows for the business to utilize Packetwork's years of expertise, as well as Packetwork's service and support. The business does not have to deal with any networking or other complicated features, as that is all done by Packetworks. Hosted VOIP is offered through a monthly subscription, and as such there is little to no initial cost when it comes to the system. Packetworks will ensure that the system is well maintained and will continue to offer the latest technology and features.

On-Premise VOIP(locally based):

An on-premise VOIP system is fully managed by the business. All hardware, networking and software must be purchased, serviced, and maintained by the business, and oftentimes IT staff will have to be trained and certified in the use of the VOIP equipment. This type of system does offer the tightest control for the business, as individual components of the VOIP network can be troubleshooted or upgraded at the business' discretion.



The high initial cost of hardware, as well as having to train IT staff in the use of VOIP systems deters many companies away from on-premise VOIP setups. This is where hosted VOIP offers a large advantage. Small businesses who do not have the luxury of a dedicated IT staff can avoid the startup costs of VOIP, and start utilizing all of the benefits today.


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