How Network and Telecom Technology Can Improve Talented Employee Retention 

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Finding quality long-term employees can be a challenge for the modern business. Factors such as pay, company culture, room for growth, and company profits can all play a factor in retaining employees. However, something as simple as the network and telecom technology your company uses also plays a huge role in whether or not employees stick around.

Technology is something that is used by every member of a company. The most experienced executives down to brand new interns all are utilizing company tech on a regular basis. As such, network tech plays a huge role in the day to day experience of all employees. Because of this simple fact, there are many benefits to having advanced technologies, networks, and telecom solutions. Click here to contact Packetworks today.

Reduced Frustration

A well-maintained network that has been set up using proper back-end solutions allows for a much more streamlined technology experience. This holds true for all devices, from desktop computers all the way to calling handsets. Tech-frustration can be one of the most aggravating factors of the modern workplace. Employees need to feel like that are being helped by technology, not hindered by it.

Faster Network Speeds

Faster network speeds that are responsive to employee changes will always translate into a more satisfied worker with increased productivity. A fast business network will have the bandwidth to support a multitude to clients, phone calls, information requests, and downloads.

Packetworks creates business networks that are designed to have the highest possible speed and bandwidth with the lowest possible latency right from day one. Our networks power some of the most demanding businesses in the Southern Ontario region.

Healthier IT Department

A strong network that is able to support telecom technology at full speed will lead to a healthier IT department. IT employees will spend less time diagnosing problems and trying to improve network performance, and instead will be able to respond to employee and management requests faster.

How Does This Relate to Talent Retention?

In today's tech savvy world, a slow network is obvious to workers, and can frustrate employees and reduce their productivity. Frustrated employees will not be 100% satisfied with their current position, and as such may look elsewhere for job opportunities. Providing employees with the best network that can power the best devices is essential to improving employee satisfaction, and us such, retaining the top talent that is the core of business productivity.


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