How To: Setup and Run Free Phone System with Asterisk 

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Asterisk is an open source framework for building communication applications and systems. It is also completely free to use, although commercial support options are available. This article will look at what makes Asterisk great, and why your business should consider it.


Open Source Advantage

Asterisk is designed on an open source platform, it was originally released by open source developer Mark Spencer of Digium, but has since matured rapidly due to the coding expertise of open source developers all over the world. Its open source nature gives it several distinct advantages over traditional closed software. Advantages of open source software:

  1. Cost. Open source software is typically free to use. There are paid commercial support options available, but the software and framework are free, and without future obligation to pay.

  2. Security. Traditional software can takes long periods of time to patch security vulnerabilities. Open source software can be patched nearly instantly by any developer who uses the software.

  3. Features. Asterisk was launched in 1999 by a single developer. Now it is the most popular open source framework for computer communications in the world. The reason for this is its open source nature, which allowed it to mature a high rate, since any developer, from any part of the world, can contribute to the code to improve it. More and more features are continued to be added by the global team of developers.


Asterisk LogoWhat Can Asterisk Do

Asterisk is capable of building essentially everything related to communications applications, solutions, and products. Asterisk contains hundreds of functions that can be assembled in limitless ways to achieve custom solutions in. A brief list of some of Asterisk's capabilities:

  • Voice Mail

  • Conference Calling

  • Interactive Voice Response

  • Interactive Voice Menus

  • Session Initiation Protocol

  • Media Gateway Control Protocol

  • H.323

  • Interoperation with SIP telephones

  • Many other capabilities


Getting Started with Asterisk

Asterisk is broad in application, but can be customized to fit your business communication needs. To get started head to:


Asterisk – Get Started


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