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Communications drives performance in nearly every aspect of business. How many projects are misguided, disasters mismanaged, and solutions delayed due to poor communications? For the average company, quite a few.


Where many solutions come from improved office culture and management philosophies, there’s one communication barrier that can only be remedied by better telecom and real user confidence: distance.

Here are 10 ways that VoiP/SIP technology can shorten the distance between offices and give multi-location business the connectivity they need. If you want to setup a SIP/VOIP network contact Packetworks today.



Real-Time Collaboration

The biggest challenge to collaborating across multiple offices is sharing and editing documents in an easy and fluid way. Unified communication features give users a virtual 'space' to work through ideas in conversation and on screen.

Company-Wide Extensions

Something as simple as searching for someone’s number or extension can sap time if you have to do it 10 times a day. A cloud telephone network keeps the entire company and all its locations on a single network and extension set for easier access.


We all peek at our colleagues across the hall to see if they are available for a moment to answer a question. But what if they’re across the country? Presence allows you to see coworker’s status and reach them in the most efficient way, or circle back later when their status says they’re free.

Instant Messaging

The average office employee spends over 13 hours per week on emails! Left unchecked, email becomes a problem for progress. What if half of those exchanges could be offset by a company-wide instant messaging service? Small pointers, reminders and questions occupy quite a bit of inbox space, don’t they? They do not have to.

Free International Calling

Even as long-distance minutes become increasingly commoditized, dispersed teams can rack up tons of minutes every month. But if all inter-office calls travels on a single data network, inter-office long-distance calling becomes free. This is a great way to let employees chat as much as they need to in order to get their work done.

Video Conferencing

Although there are many ways to video chat these days, business cloud telephone systems are making it even easier. With a common softphone, calls can be switched to video chat to get in a little bit of face-to-face time, even if colleagues are 2000 kms away.

Move Between Offices

For employees that often move between offices for days or weeks at a time, phone lines become transferrable. This may not seem like a big communication priority, but it’s the difference between forwarding your number and contacts between networks and simply settling in for work.

Introduce Spontaneous Communications

With more communication tools and insights into coworkers’ patterns, spontaneous communications become possible again, despite vast distances. The company network sustains the conversation through different formats, both delayed and real-time, to optimize planning as well as spontaneous interactions.

Company-wide Oversight

Multiple office locations limit how well we can track company-wide productivity. But what if you could track what everyone was doing on a single dashboard? Or at least what everyone is doing through the telecom system. Data from a single network can help management understand and communicate location-specific issues as well as overarching problems across all voice operations.



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