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The debate between outsourcing versus insourcing has been going for decades. The question to insource or outsource is still undecided as both methods have advantages and disadvantages. As the dependence on technology is growing in every organization, the reliance on dependable IT support is growing. It is important that an organization chooses the correct methodology when approaching IT support.

Outsourcing: Contracting an internal business function to a third party organization. This can include both domestic and foreign contracting

Insourcing: The opposite of outsourcing. Utilizing internal business resources in order to fulfill a certain business function. This can include both relocated resources from other departments, and/or acquiring new resources/employees.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing became popular in the 1980’s as business were looking to cut costs, and refocus on a fewer number of projects. Outsourcing benefitted this methodology greatly as it allows for projects such as the following to be outsourced to other organizations:

  • Customer Support
  • Network Management
  • Software Development
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Center Operations
  • IT Strategy and Planning
  • Support Services
  • Application Hosting
  • Web Design and Development

If an organization is free from worrying about such things, and can pay a third party much less money to do it then it will aid a business’ bottom line. Focusing on a small number of projects is beneficial as well, as it allows those projects to receive much more attention, and be completed with much higher quality.


Benefits of Insourcing

Insourcing has distinct advantages over outsourcing. While it is more expensive, it allows an organization to have better control. Projects can be done under the direct supervision of the management and board of directors without having to deal with the second layer of management of a third party organization.

Another advantage of keeping support insource is customer satisfaction. Apple Inc. has consistently kept all areas of their customer support insourced. They have been rewarded by customers consistently ranking them number one in support year after year. It is almost expected these days that calling support will mean one will be talking to a foreign accent that will be hard to understand and not an employee of the company you are calling about. Hearing a local voice that is easy to understand is a simple but refreshing change in the world of IT support.



Both insourcing and outsourcing have their distinct advantages when it comes to how an organization should approach IT support. Outsourcing is the cheaper option, and allows an organization of devote more resources to a fewer number of projects. Insourcing allows for tighter control over and often higher customer satisfaction. Customers like to feel like they are talking directly to the owner of the product that are inquiring about. If you are considering outsourcing your IT projects, contact Packetworks today in order to get advice about what to do.



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