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Point-to-point high speed internet is an innovative solution that allows for high speed internet speeds in areas that do not have traditional high speed access. Residential and business customers can greatly benefit from point-to-point high speed internet as it allows for speeds much greater than dialup and cellular tethering.

How Does Point-to-Point Internet Work?

Point-to-point high speed internet operates on a system that utilizes powered wireless transmitters and receivers in order to broadcast a targeted signal long distances. Depending on the location, and nature of the environment (hills, mountains, etc.) different approaches may have to be taken to achieve the best results. Direct line of site is ideal for the best connection.

Internet Speed Graph

Internet Speed by Connection Type: Point-to-Point is Represented by “Wireless.”

What Speeds Can I Expect?

Speeds depend on equipment used, distance traveled, and line of sight, but at a minimum expect several Mbps (which is several orders of magnitude faster than dialup internet). Speeds can range up to 1000 Mbps depending on the technology utilized.

Who Is This Service For?

This service is primarily designed for businesses who do not have access to fiber internet, or businesses who do not want to wait for a fiber line to be installed. All users can utilize a point-to-point high speed network, but fiber and other options may be a better option depending on location. Contact packetworks today to discuss the best internet solution for your location.


Point-to-point internet is one of the most versatile internet types available, and is able to be installed at nearly all locations. Contact us today to speak with a representative to discuss high speed internet availability in your area.

When Can This Be Installed?

If the location has been improved, then expect installation in a matter of business days. It is our priority to get you online as soon as possible.


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