IT Strategy Part 1: What is IT Strategy 

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IT Strategy: The strategy by which a company or organization operates and upgrades on a technological level. This ranges from aspects such as:

  • cost management
  • gaining advantages
  • hardware and software management
  • vendor management
  • risk management. 

All of those areas require thought and consideration when planning any IT strategy for a business. A quality strategy should be both rigid enough that it is clear what should be done in a given situation; and flexible enough, that it can adapt to things such as: budget constraints, new priorities, and new technology.


Having a strategy is importantWhy Having a Strategy Important

When faced with the task of writing a new IT Strategy, many businesses question its usefulness. It is something the takes time and thought to complete, and does not have an immediate impact on sales, or finances. That is short-term thinking. Writing a new business plan has no immediate impact, but the long term gains are obvious – it gives a business a method to follow and adhere to for the next period of time. An IT strategy is very similar to this.

Technology has become the core for every business in North America, and it has also become the catalyst for every transaction made today. Technology is also a massive term that encompasses immensely powerful computing superclusters, all the way down to an iPod Nano. An IT strategy allows all members of an organization to achieve maximum power, for minimum cost.


Balancing Want with Need

A successful strategy must balance the want of the newest technology, with the reality of what is needed to operate. Nearly all employees will desire the latest smartphone, and the most powerful, and portable laptop, but it is not always financially possible to reward all with such luxuries. Employees from all positions should be asked about what they feel their technical needs are in their devices, and what devices they would like the most. If it fits into the budget and software plan, then devices should be purchased that match the employee’s request.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to create an IT strategy that everyone agrees with. Common ground should be found in order to create the best IT strategy, but a strategy should be created as quickly as possible in order to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.


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