IT Technology Trends 2014: Fiber Internet, Cloud Computing 

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As 2014 dawns, so does fresh technology and new innovation. Advances in internet technology should allow for drastically faster internet connections. Advances in wireless technology will potentially make Ethernet a thing of the past. Lastly, advances in cloud technology, specifically cloud storage and cloud processing, should allow for these services to become more mainstream to the general public.

Internet Technology

Fiber internet is the latest major innovation in internet speed. Internet speed is something that has seen little innovation since broadband came onto the scene in the year 2000.

Internet Innovation

As shown by the graph, internet speed has not kept pace with advances in computing and storage speed. 2014 is looking to change that by bringing the largest speed increase since the introduction of broadband internet: Fiber internet. Click here for more information.

Speed without Wires

Wireless cell phone technology has advanced dramatically in the past several years. LTE equipped phones are now capable of speeds that rival most cable internet connections. It is odd then that wireless networking in the home is so far behind that of the cell phone. 801.11ac (wireless AC) should change that. 2014 will mark the first year that AC is standard on most new devices - such as laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. There are already a handful of AC devices on the market, but that number should grow quickly. Click here for more information on 802.11ac.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage will continue to become more relevant in 2014, and perhaps even branch into the ‘essential’ category in terms of technology. In their current state, local and physical backups are expensive and time consuming processes that require off-site locations and proper security precautions to remain safe. Cloud storage removes a lot of those concerns, and also offers large amounts of storage at low cost. Click here for more information on cloud storage.

Cloud Computing

Imagine harnessing the processing power of many machines across the globe in order to get maximum performance to complete a single, complicated task. That is what cloud computing enables. Currently, companies such as Amazon or T-Platforms will rent out computing power by the hour to help users accomplish tasks in mere minutes or hours that would have taken days, weeks, or even months on normal desktop computers. Amazon’s EC2 Supercomputer is capable of 484 teraflops - 484 trillion calculations per second - of performance. For comparison: the fastest workstation class personal computers are capable of 0.3 teraflops. This computing power can be rented - as much or as little as needed - in order to finish tasks faster and to get more accomplished.


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