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The safety and integrity of sensitive business data should always be a concern when dealing with unencrypted files or internet connected networks. The security of business data can be greatly increased by utilizing simple, automated tools, such as a password manager and encryption.

What is a Password Manager

A password manager is a tool that is used to create new passwords using a random scripting method that ensures password security and uniqueness. These passwords are then stored locally on a computer, being governed by a single master password, which can be used to access the password manager.

What Makes it More Secure?

A password manager is inherently more secure than using thought up passwords due to the random nature, and long length of the created password. For example, if a password manager is told to create a new password, the password that comes up may be something like “k1K44VyGlcvE”. This password is impossible for a human to guess, and as such is immune to “hacking”. The only way to breach files or accounts protected with this password is by guessing the master password to the password manager.

Password manager’s also have built in features like auto-reminders for changing passwords, and password strength testing. It can remind you to change your passwords at a given interval, and strength test any existing passwords that you have.

All of these features may sound like they are to complicated to implement, but it is done in a fast and efficient manner via the built in tools that the password manager comes with. In day to day use the manager auto fills forms and accounts with your secure passwords without you having to think about it. If you leave your main computer, you can login to your password manager from anywhere in the world using your master password.

Doesn’t the Password Manager Company Know My Passwords Then?

No, they do not. The reason for this is because your passwords are stored in a AES encryption file which uses your master password as the key. The password manager company does not know your master password, they simply store an encrypted file. If they were ever forced to give this file up to someone, they could only give up the encrypted file with no means of opening it.


Encryption allows for files and data on your computer to be locked up tightly. This means that even if an outsider were to gain access to your personal computer, he would only be able to read encrypted files, and not the data they contained. Any file that is locked with encryption is safe from prying eyes. For this reason it is essential that every business encrypts sensitive data such a financial, medical and personal information.

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