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The World Wide Web is a vast place filled with billions of users, websites, and ideas. How can a business get noticed is such a crowded environment? Read on to explore ways in which a business can become better integrated into the web, and more accessible to customers.


Becoming Indexed Into Search Engines

The first thing that should be done with any website is getting it into the index of major search engines. This allows customers to search for the given site on Google or Bing. Visit the following sites to learn about becoming referenced on Google and Bing

Google – Webmaster Tools

Bing – Webmaster Tools

Another tip to increase the chance of getting found in a search engine is to have many different pages on your website. Don’t create redundant, repetitive pages that serve no purpose, but instead create pages explaining products, tutorials, a blog, or other informative pages that might interest your customers. The more pages referenced into a search engine the better.


Analytics Growth

Analytics, or stat-tracking, is key to being successful online. The more statistics about a website that can be tracked, the better. This will allow a better understanding of many things such as:

  • Number of visitors to the site

  • Where those visitors are from

  • What webpages visitors spend the most/least time on

  • What websites visitors are being referred from 

Those stats can then be applied to leverage the best parts of a website, and fix up the parts that visitors are not spending time on.


Example: Through the use of analytics it is shown that 75% of the traffic to a website is to a blog post that the site made a year ago. On this blog post there is merely a few paragraphs of information with no contact information or any other information about the website. Because of this, almost none of the visitors to that blog page, visit the main website. Now that the site owner is able to identify this, some attractive advertisements can be put on the blog page to entice more visitors to visit other parts of the site and potentially become customers.

For maximum analytics I recommend using Google Analytics.



The web is a big place, and it’s hard to get recognized right away. Taking things one step at a time is important to getting a good web presence. The use of search optimization by adding your website to Google and Bing, and the use of multiple pages, to try to capture customer’s interest, coupled with powerful analytic tools make the journey of any website an easier one. I recommend getting started immediately with the web tools mentioned in this article.



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