Microsoft Windows 10: Announcement and Features 

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Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 10, which will be the successor to Windows 8.1, and carry on Microsoft’s legacy in desktop computing (Note: the “Windows 9” name has been skipped entirely).

Windows 10 looks to be a great windows release, and has generated a lot of excitement amongst desktop users who were left unsatisfied with Windows 8. It retains much of the overall look and feel of Windows 8, while introducing some key features for desktop users.


The Start Menu Returns!

The Metro Start Screen that Microsoft introduced with Windows 8 was definitely an attractive looking interface, but it wasn’t nearly as efficient or functional as the old start menu from Windows 7. Windows 10 brings back the start menu, while still retaining the gorgeous UI of the Metro Start Screen.


Virtual Desktops

Users familiar with Linux or Mac operating systems will be familiar with the concept of virtual desktops, and the productivity increase that they can bring. With Windows 10, Windows is finally getting virtual desktops. A virtual desktop is its own desktop, with its own set of windows and programs (similar to having two monitors). Users can switch between the virtual desktops with a quick keyboard shortcut.


Desktop Interface Revision

Although not 100% confirmed, it appears that the desktop side of Windows 10 will receive an interface lift, giving it a flatter look. This information is based off of the explorer windows and folder icons seen in the developer preview of Windows 10.


Improved Command Prompt

Perhaps the largest improvement is the introduction of copy-paste for the command prompt. This feature has been a long time coming, and will be of great benefit for those who use the command line on a regular basis. Other command prompt improvements include the ability to change the opacity of the command prompt window, and support for many other control-type commands.


Many Other Small Changes

Notifications, improved snapping and many more small new features have been introduced/improved for Windows 10.



Windows 10 will be free for users of Windows 8/8.1. Windows 7 users will have to pay $30. This makes Windows 10 the most inexpensive Windows operating system yet.


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