OS X Yosemite for Business Preview 

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Apple's latest desktop operating system, Yosemite, is set to release in the coming weeks. Yosemite continues Apple's bi-annual update plan of releasing iterative updates instead of large changes. This update style has proven popular, as it packs new features into OS X at a good rate, while not making to many changes at once that would confuse users. OS X Yosemite looks to be one of the most important operating system upgrades for business Mac users in a long time.

New Feature Summary

Yosemite is mostly a visual update to OS X, bringing it more inline with the new visual style that Apple introduced with iOS 7. That said, Yosemite does bring a few new features, one of which will be massive for business users.

New visual style: With Yosemite, Apple brings in a new visual style that is very reminiscent of the 'flat' design style that iOS 7 utilized. The main visual difference is the removal of 3D elements in the OS, which have fallen out of favour with design experts. In their stead are simpler 2D, or 'flat' icons and menus that have a simpler and cleaner look. The way the user interacts with and uses the operating system has not changed in any way.

Updated core apps: Safari and Mail have received functionality updates that will improve their features and usability. None of the changes are likely to be compelling enough to draw users who favour rival applications. If you prefer Chrome or Firefox to Safari, the new changes are not likely to convince you to change back.

Marriage of iPhone with Mac: This is the massive update for business users. With Yosemite, users will not only be able to respond to emails and iMessages from their Mac, but now they will be able to respond to SMS messages and even Phone calls as well. This functionality is set up automatically with no effort on the users end. If you receive a call on your iPhone, it will also display the call on your Mac, and give you the option to answer the call directly from your Mac.

Full Phone Capabilities on Your Computer

Often times business users need to interact with phones and computers simultaneously. Adding phone capabilities into OS X allows for users to be able to retain full functionality, while leaving their phone in their pocket or bag. This means that productivity losses due to poor speaker phone quality, trouble typing and holding the phone at the same time, and missed notifications will be alleviated.


OS X Yosemite will release in coming weeks (October 21st expected), and will be a free update to all compatible Macintosh systems. The visual update makes Apple's visual style across iOS and OS X more consistant, and the update to core apps is a welcome improvement. The main reason to update is to gain phone capabilities on your Mac, which can increase productivity and ease of use.




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