The Benefits and Cost Savings of VOIP Calling 

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VOIP (also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a service that allows users to place calls directly over the internet. The main advantage of such a service is that it does not require any phone line in order to work. Any internet connection, ranging from a home Wi-Fi network, to the cellular data connection on your smartphone will work.

VOIP Saves You Money:

The average cost of a VOIP calling service is much lower than standard calling rates from a phone provider (such as Bell or Rogers). The plans are typically on one of two systems:

  1. Monthly rate that gives unlimited calling. For approximately $30/month many companies are offering unlimited calling to many destinations around the world. Vonage for example gives you unlimited calling to land lines and mobile phones in 16 countries, and unlimited land line  calling to a further 55 countries.

  2. Pay per minute/second system, with very low rates. ( 1 cent per minute for North America, 3-5 cents per minute for Asia, 5-10 cents a minute for Africa)

VOIP is the absolute cheapest way to make frequent calls to mobile and landline phones across the globe.


Number Portability:      

Many VOIP services offer you your choice of number, meaning you can choose from any number out of the many that they offer. This includes any numbers in a region different than your local one. You could setup a Toronto based number, despite operating thousands of kilometers away in British Columbia. This allows you to offer a local number to potential customers, living outside of your home region.


Wealth of Services:

With a typical phone service, extras such as voice mail, caller ID, and call waiting are all extras that can vastly increase the cost of your monthly service. With a VOIP service this is not the case. These are some the call features included at no cost:

  • Caller ID with Name
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • Call Transfer – instantly transfer a call to another number instantly
  • Simultaneous Ring – receive calls on many different numbers simultaneously 

  • Conference Calling
  • Caller ID Block – block your own caller ID to increase your privacy


Hardware Requirements for VOIP

The most important requirement for implementing a VOIP calling service is a high speed, low latency, internet connection. The latency of your internet can be tested using a free test at You want a low ping to ensure that your calls are not “laggy” and don’t stutter. Virtually all high speed connections have very low latency.

Having a computer is necessary for most VOIP services, although some companies do sell their own box that plugs directly into your router in order to bypass a computer requirement. A side note is a VOIP service will not work in the event of an internet or power failure.



VOIP calling is the best value way to make phone calls, whether that is locally or across the globe. VOIP calling offers a value price for a premium combination of calling features and services.


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