Outstanding Performance from the Fortigate-60C Network Security Platform

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Exceptional Network Protection

The FortiGate 60C series and 80C series provide exceptional network protection for branch offices, smaller locations, retail networks and CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)

Well designed and Cost Effective

Specifically, the FortiGate 60C is a well designed, feature rich network security platform that provides cost effective protection in the form of integrated threat management for front line locations. In addition, the series remote management capabilities lower procurement, deployment and administration costs.


ForiGate 60C


Ongoing Around the Clock Protection

Unmatched in its ability to provide  around the clock, wireless protection you need, the FortiGate 60C also provides ongoing protection against new, emerging threats  by means of regular updates from FortiGate Labs.

"Single Pane of Glass" Console

All of your applications and data are protected by an integrated set of essential security technologies. The simplicity and practicality of the "single pane of glass" console is ideal for managing the device from one location, providing essential firewall, IPSec, and SSL VPN, application control, intrusion prevention, antivirus and web filtering protection. Also included in the package are DLP (Data Loss Protection), application control, SSL inspection, Endpoint NAC and vulnerability management.

Purpose Built

Frustrating network bottlenecks are avoided by FortinNet's purpose built hardware and software, reducing downtime and increasing business efficiency. The device is equipped with purpose built FortiASIC processors increasing throughput, yet eliminating undesirable intrusions and blocking unauthorized access. The FortiOS operating system is exceptional in delivering efficient networking capabilities while reducing data processing delays yet allowing the enforcement of organizational security policies.

FortiGate Operating System

The outstanding FortiGate OS includes: Firewall, VPN, Networking/Routing, User Authentication Options, Data Centre Optimization, Antivirus, Web Filtering, Application Control, High Availability, WAN Optimization, Virtual Domains, Traffic Shaping, Intrusion Prevention System, Data Loss Prevention, AntiSpam, Endpoint Compliance and Control, Management/Administration, and Logging/Monitoring

The FortiGate 60C's unparalleled Series benefits include:

  • Easy deployment, setup and configuration using FortiExplorer
  • Comprehensive protection against network, content, and application level threats

  • Lightning fast deployment of secure networks made possible by USB based broadband and ExpressCard support
  • Superior network performance delivered by web caching and WAN optimization

  • Graphical reports and local log records provided by internal storage capabilities

  • Internal traffic segmentation and full security for perimeter bound traffic

  • Compatibility with existing network structure due to dual band capabilities and support for 802.11a/b/g/n standards

  • Gigabit firewall throughput provided by custom built FS1 SoC processors
  • GbE switched internal ports and dedicated DMZ and WAN ports

  • Security gateway delivered by ADSL interface high speed consolidated DSL router

  • Provision of multiple wireless access  network by means of multiple SSiD support, allowing contractor or unencrypted guest access yet limiting access to existing corporate networks

  • Defense against all complex, aggressive and sophisticated threats without reduction of performance standards
  • Dynamic threat updates from FortiGuard laboratories



The FortiGate 60C is a well designed, feature rich network security platform, suitable for deployment in small businesses and branch or satellite offices.  The market leading series provides unequalled, comprehensive, and ongoing network protection at significant price reductions over competitors, without negatively affecting data processing speeds.


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