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Ever since the Internet made it possible to send documents via email, faxing has become somewhat of an expensive, outdated nuisance. When you’re not fixing the machine from jamming, you’re waiting for a phone line to open up or for the person on the other end to be waiting patiently by their fax machine. Regardless of how archaic it may be, faxing is still a necessity in most businesses. Thankfully there is a happy medium solution to this frustrating problem.

What is Internet Fax?

Internet faxing is pretty much an updated version of faxing that uses the Internet rather than a phone network. It allows you to send document at a faster, more reliable rate without a big bulky machine.

Why Should I Use it?

Part of the appeal of Internet faxing (also known as “efax”) is that it cuts paper waste almost in half. Government research has recently shown that 200 billion pages of paper are consumed each year in the U.S. alone (Features and Advantages of Sending Faxes by Email , 2012). If the idea of saving the planet isn’t appealing enough for you, then maybe the hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars that you could save is. No longer will you have to shell out money for:

• Ink and toner cartridges

• Bulk paper

• Fax repair men

• High monthly costs

• Expensive hardware


Not only will you be saving money but you’ll also experience services that make your life easier and more productive.


1. Most servers can adapt your documents into a compatible mode for the receiver. For example, you can fax a future presentation that you prepared in Keynotes to a client or partner in a program suitable for their computer.

2. You can send group faxes using a programmed contact list. No more sending individual group faxes.

3. Because you’re using an Internet server to send the fax, you’ll never come across another fax number that is busy and forces you to try again later. It will send right away, the first time.

4. The majority of fax to email services offer a variety of payment plans that will meet your specified needs. It also allows several users to use the same fax number without any additional cost.

5. You won’t be tied down to the office fax machine or limited to any physical location. You’ll be able to access all kinds of documents on the go with your mobile phones or tablets.

6. Encrypted faxing will ensure that everything you send will be secure and get to the right people without any mishaps. 

Now What?

Another great thing about a fax to email service is that it’s extremely easy to set up. You don’t need to buy or download any kind of software. It’s all neatly and conveniently packaged into your account. Choosing to switch over to this kind of service will significantly lower your costs and raise client satisfaction. So go ahead and throw out those bulky old fax machines because they won’t tie you down anymore.


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