Top 3 Information Technology (IT) Trends for 2015 

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At the beginning of every year is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. CES is a trade show that allows the biggest companies in tech (Sony, Microsoft, Google and many others) to show off their latest gadgets and software for the upcoming year.


The tech shown at CES doesn’t always catch on with the general public, but it does give an indication of the technologies that companies will be pushing for the coming months. This article will go through the top 3 IT trends for 2015, and will discuss their relevance to professionals and small businesses.


1. Smart Virtual Personal Assistants

Back in 2011, Apple released the iPhone 4S, which came with Siri - the virtual personal assistant. Siri's release was closely followed by virtual assistants from both Google and Microsoft. Since 2011 all three companies have worked hard to improve the functionality of their VPAs.

2013 saw the rise of smart virtual personal assistants (SVPA). The main difference between a SVPA and something like Siri is that SVPA’s access more information, and as such are able to make more accurate suggestions and actions. Virtual personal assistants are no longer limited to simply completing a commanded task. They can now go ahead and pre-emptively do tasks without being asked (like marking where you parked your car).

Apple, Google and Microsoft have recently all bought different companies that are specializing in SVPA’s. Look for that technology to make its appearance directly on your smartphone in 2015.

2. Increased Data Privacy

Hacking, and security breaches dominated the headlines in many parts of 2014. Each successful attack broke down the public perception of data security. According to a recent poll, 91% of Americans feel that they have lost control of their personal data and information.

Successfully protecting data through advanced methods of encryption is not only a necessity for businesses, but demonstrating the ability to proactively protect customer data has become so as well. Failure to properly protect customer data has resulted in the loss of customers and business for many companies. As such, expect there to be a large push toward secure cloud technologies and data security in 2015.

3. The Use of Non-Standard Operating Systems

Windows has long commanded the majority of the desktop OS market share, with Mac OS being a consistent, but distant 2nd place. Linux has typically only held 1-2% of the desktop OS market share. 2015 could see a change in which alternative operating systems such as Chrome OS start to take a sizeable market share in certain environments. Click here for more information on Chrome OS and it’s applications for business.


While there will likely be no massive innovations looming for 2015 in terms of brand new technology, the technology released and utilized this year looks to be the culmination of years of work from all major tech companies. As such small businesses will likely not have to expect many new products at CES in 2015, but instead the refinement of existing technologies.


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