Top Four Technology Tips for New and/or Small Businesses

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Small businesses and new businesses have an innovative edge over larger businesses due to their ability to change course drastically and implement new ideas, devices and technology at a moment's notice. This article will go through four technology tips that small/new businesses can and should implement immediately.

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Don’t Cheap-Out on Technology

Technology functioning at 100% speed is a cornerstone of productivity for many businesses. A business does not need to purchase the most expensive technology available, but it does need to purchase quality technology that will last and is easy to maintain. Cheaping out on devices or network technology can cause frustrating glitches, slowdowns and errors that can cause massive slowdowns in productivity.

Utilize Cloud Services

Cloud services are available to replace servers, storage needs, email services and more. Cloud services also require little to no initial investment and are simple to setup and maintain for a small crew of employees. Setting up dedicated storage and server solutions at a small business can be an expensive investment that does not have any major upside over popular cloud services. Additional articles on cloud services:

Embrace Mobile

Smartphones and tablets are taking over the virtual world and will soon outnumber traditional devices such as desktops and laptops when it comes to web searches and web browsing. A business must be easily accessible via mobile or major search engines such as Google will punish that business’s website ranking for having a poor mobility score.

Be Proactive About Security

Password leaks, compromised accounts, the mixing of personal and work data and other security threats are inevitable. Combat these security threats by educating employees in data security and enforcing policies that are essential to data security. For more information on data security, view our following articles:


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