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Video conferencing is rapidly taking a majority share of business communication. In the recent report Global View: Business Video Conferencing Usage and Trends, it was reported that “professionals say videoconferencing will be their preferred communication method in 2016.” Read on to learn more video conferencing use today, and how it can revolutionize your business.


Video Conferencing

Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has many benefits with virtually no downsides. Video conferencing enables:


  • Reduced costs due to being able to meet from either home or the office (don’t have to travel anywhere). 
  • Better team cohesion as team members who are isolated from the team feel much more connected through the use of video conferencing.
  • Better choices on where to live and work as video conferencing allows workers from all over the globe to be connected and feel like a part of the team.


Essential or Elective?

Video conferencing was the technology of the future not many years ago. Today it exists in many forms: Skype and Google Hangouts allow for small groups of people to interact and see each other live. Enterprise video conferencing solutions allow for more elaborate setups. Live streams can also be had over the internet and viewed by millions simultaneously.

If a business relies on communication with its employees or customers on a regular basis and it is not always convenient to meet directly at the office, then video conferencing is not just an option but a solution to many communication needs. It is virtually essential in nearly every business context.



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