Virtual Private Network Technology

What is it?

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Virtual Private Network Technology (VPNs) uses the world wide, public internet infrastructure to transmit private data.  VPNs make it possible to transfer sensitive information over the internet without the risk of a third party seeing it; the data is kept private through the use of security measures and tunneling procedures. 


What are its uses?

Technologies like VPNs are essential in a world where businesses depend on their computers for communication.  VPNS use shared public infrastructure to connect a company’s distant locations, even if they are remote or international.  It makes communication possible for traveling employees who are in airports or hotels, or simply for employees who work from home.  Not only can it connect single remote clients, but it can link entire remote networks. 


What are its advantages?

There are numerous advantages of VPNs.  First of all, it reduces costs.  Before VPNs existed, companies used private leased lines to communicate over distances, which telecommunication companies would rent to them.  These leased lines connected offices through private, internal networks called intranets.  However these are much more expensive than VPNs; also the greater the physical distance between offices, the greater the cost.   VPNs can reduce costs for business travelers who used to have to make long distance calls when trying to connect to their intranet.  VPNs have now obsoleted these technologies and their associated costs. 


VPNs increase network scalability.  The initial costs of setting up a personal private network may be reasonable, but that price increases significantly once other branches and offices emerge, especially remote and international offices.  By using public, existing resources like the internet, companies don’t have to worry about costs dramatically increasing, loss of quality, or being able to reach distant locations.   


VPNs are secure, reliable, and convenient.  They are completely private, unable to be accessed by anyone unauthorized to do so.  They are reliable; employees should be able to connect to their VPN at any time in any place because of the internet’s universality.  Virtual private network technology improves efficiencies and productivity for businesses.     



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