VOIP Phones: What to do When the Internet Goes Down 

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VOIP phones are an affordable and often superior alternative to traditional phone services, but do rely on on a stable internet connection in order to make and receive calls. As such, when the internet goes down, so does any VOIP phones running off of that connection.


No internet.Have Backup Phone Systems

VOIP calling excels in providing low cost, high-volume, international phone calls. However, it can malfunction, and when it does, it is important to have at least a single backup phone line. This phone line can be a:

  • Cell Phone
  • Landline Phone
  • VOIP phone on a unique internet connection

A landline phone is the safest option as it will still work in case of total power failure, but a cell phone and VOIP phone on an alternate internet connection are both valid alternatives.


Alternate Internet Connection

The internet is a crucial part of nearly every business. As such it is important to diversify your internet connections and have at least two different internet providers at any given time in order to ensure any issues with one do not interfere with daily business operations.

It is also important to ensure these two different internet connections come from different types of sources. Two cable internet connections will go down at the same time if the cable is cut during construction, or other accidents. By having two connections, such as cable and wireless, or fiber and DSL, risk is minimized. For a full overview of the different connection types, check out our article: Speed of Internet Connection Type: What Packetworks Offers.


Ensure 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Packetworks offers 99.9% uptime on all internet connections. Don’t trust your business’ well being by going with an inferior provider. Packetworks offers high bandwidth, rapid speed, connections of all different types depending on your location and needs. Packetworks also offers extensive networking and WAN services in order to get your business the integration it needs. One of our experts would love to help you out.


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