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I think everyone who has spent a fair amount of time on the internet knows the pains of a slow connection. Whether you have had to wait 4 hours for an important application to download or you find that the time it takes to load a web page is longer than it should be, I think I can safely say everyone would like a faster internet connection. With this in mind I introduce you to a technology that has been heralded as the future of the internet, but is readily available today: fiber optic internet.

Internet hasn’t been around long, but the leaps and bounds we have made in the last 2 decades are amazing. In fact, if car technology had advanced as much as internet has in the last 20 years, the average car would have engines with as much power as a jet. However, as the internet continues to improve, so does the demands we place on it. In an earlier article I talked about one up and coming use, but that isn’t the only new demand being placed on your internet connection. Files are simply getting bigger, and this causes more stress on your internet connection every day.

The Solution: Fiber to the Premises

Fiber to the premises is exactly what it sounds like: a direct fiber optic line right to its destination. Although I’m sure you have heard that fiber optic is the better and newer way to do internet, it is mystical to some as to why this is. Allow me to explain the benefits of having your very own fiber optic line leading up right into your building:


It’s a lot faster

It’s no secret that fiber optic is a lot faster than standard copper cable. Fiber speeds are as much as 20 times faster compared to a standard copper cable and allows for much higher throughput than a copper wire. This is the main reason why someone would upgrade to fiber optic internet.


It’s future proof

If you don’t need the speed now, you will eventually. If you are already planning on upgrading your internet infrastructure, it is highly recommended that you go with fiber optic, if possible. Fiber optic cabling will likely completely take over copper wiring eventually, and the good thing about that is you will likely not have to upgrade your fiber optic line, as the main limitation on fiber optic networking is the devices on either end, not the cabling itself. Having a fiber optic line will someday be inevitable, so why not reap the benefits of it now rather than later?

It is more reliable, especially at long distances

Copper wires have troubles communicating binary signals at long distances. They were, after all, designed and engineered for phone lines while current fiber technology was designed and engineered with internet in mind. Copper has trouble keeping a signal strong for a long while, as any electronic signals do. However fiber optic cables are much better at keeping a strong signal at long distances because they use light waves in place of electronic pulses.

Fiber to the premises is quite the clear cut winner in this situation. Not only is a fiber connection much faster than your standard copper connection, but it is also much more future proof. Having a fiber connection doesn’t really come with downsides, and if you have your own line the benefits are multiplied. So if you are planning on upgrading your internet infrastructure or if you are looking for a better internet connection, I’d definitely suggest looking into getting your own fiber connection.


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