The Fortigate-80C/CM Network Secuirty Platform 


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Network security is an important part of any business or organizational planning and the FortiGate-80C/CM Network Security platform does not fail to deliver. The growing need for intelligent systems to deal with multi-level internet threats has created a market for UTM (Unified Threat Management) providers. Fortinet addresses this requirement by designing, from the ground up, a generation of secure gateways allowing organizations, businesses and enterprises of all sizes to rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest level of security for all applications running on their network.

Front View of the FortiGate Hardware

The outstanding FortiGate-80C/CM Network Security platform is specifically designed for small businesses, branch offices, home offices, retail environments and other business requirements, such as mobile point-of-sale applications and customer premise equipment. The network security platform provides exceptional performance that will ease your concerns by preventing threats against content, applications and networks in your business environment. In addition, the system supplies dynamic updates from the FortiGuard Labs meaning that you can rest assured that your business is protected from the latest threats that emanate from the internet and other sources.

The FortiGate-80C/CM Network Security platform is capable of maintaining high network data transfer speeds without jeopardizing security. Significantly, FortiGate's purpose built system will not negatively affect business performance due to the outstanding throughput speed delivered and maintained by the lightning fast processors.

Some of the features of this excellent system include:

  • Enterprise class protection is delivered by the integrated, all-in-one security device that is suitable for home office, small business, retail businesses, and other situations
  • The system operates at up to 1.9 Gbps firewall throughput with 2GbE and 7 10/100 interfaces
  • The system delivers SSL encryped traffic insepction, application controls, and network access controls, which allow protection against all types of Web 2.0 threats and evasive applications and users, identity based policies, and prevention of data leaks
  • Email security enhaced by the DMZ link, which allows for such critical outward facing functions
  • Flexibility - a key benefit of the FortiGate-80C/CM platform. It can be deployed in a variety of situations including the use of an Express Card slot that supports 3G WAN connectivity and back up modem.
  • Back up protection provided by the integrated built-in analog back up modem
  • Local archiving of vital data in order to meet compliance requirements for WAN optimization is made possible by the internal storage with a total capacity of 8 GB
  • Robust performance from a single console
  • Effective and appropriate security, minimum environmental footprint, efficient cost benefits
  • Bottleneck prevention due to the hardware accelerated speeds
  • Dual WAN links for redundant ISP connections offer secure availability of data
  • Simplified deployment, monitoring, and system infrastructure maintenance



FortiGate's purpose built system provides proven security for remote offices, small businesses, home offices, customer premise equipment, and retail networks. The comprehensive protection provided is a market leading system security technology that delivers unparalleled performance and protection from the wide variety of threats prevalent today. Redundant connectivity and internal storage complete an unequalled package.

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