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The internet is an ever changing landscape. New technologies and capabilities are constantly being made available by advances in internet and computing speeds. The World Wide Web is not even twenty years old, and yet it is already the heart of so many individuals and institutions. The internet is so many things: goods are bought and sold, information is shared, financial data is processed, fame is gained, and the list goes on. Never before has a technology so rapidly changed the world’s landscape – and that technology moving the next level. Read on to find out how to leverage the newest web technologies to how a business can thrive off of this.


What is Web 3.0

Web 3.0 will have:

  1. Intelligent “assistant like” search technology and “humanization” of the web
  2. High quality, user created, media (to rival professional content)
  3. The mobilization of the web

Other technologies will be present, but those three are some of the most exciting, and will revolutionize the way things work.

Web 1.0 was like a library: somewhere you went to get information. Web 2.0 is like a group of friends: a place full of user generated content and ideas. Web 3.0 will be like having a personal butler, who learns your preferences, and delivers what you want, when you want it. Traditional technology such as broadcast television and radio will likely shrink and disappear, due to the growth and expansion of the web. 

There is not an exact definition of Web 3.0. It is many things, just as the internet is many things. Google or another web giant is not going to ask you to update to Web 3.0 one day. Web 3.0 will simply happen, and it will be easy to fall behind without a proactive approach to updating one’s website and content.


The number of internet users per year

As shown in the graph, the number of internet users has increased from 16 million in 1995, when it was first released to the public, to 2.5 billion at the start of 2013. The internet has become a necessity for so many individuals and businesses since it's global inception 18 years ago. It is key that every business have a relevant and attractive web presence.


New Technologies

Three very exciting technologies will come to market with the new web:

Intelligent Search and Humanizing Information: The web will now start to understand information like a human does, and be able to present it to users in a much more effective way. Instead of relying on keywords, the web will be able to understand context. Mundane tasks of comparing data will be done intelligently for you, example: a search could be made “I need the best van for the money”, and instead of having to check specification sheets of dozens of cars, look up insurance rates, and check reliability reviews – the browser can give a short list of all that information instantly, saving hours of time. Hobbies, school schedules and projects, work needs and requirements will all be learned by your web browser, and be used to create a web experience designed for the individual. The impersonal will become personal.

High Quality User Created Media: Internet video arrived fifteen years ago, and at the time it lagged considerably behind traditional video sources such a television and cinema. Now however, almost everyone has the ability to take HD video, create beautiful websites, create digital music, and other media. Media and content is the language of the web, and Web 3.0 allows a sort of second literacy for users. Just as the ability to read, write, and do math equips a person to do so much more, so too will internet literacy. Media can be created and shared on an international scale without the need for publishers, agents, or large sums of money. Any individual or business can design their own content and ideas.

These ideas can be shared live over the internet through internet TV and internet radio. A live broadcast can be made by anyone, and potentially get millions or billions of viewers.

Mobilization: Mobile internet traffic has already exceeded desktop internet traffic in many demographics. This forces information and websites to be flexible. Information and media must be presentable on both powerful desktop computers, and low power mobile devices, across dozens of different platforms. Information, ideas, and media, must be flexible and accessible.



How can a business take advantage of this new technologies? Analysis on a technology by technology basis:

Intelligent Search & Humanization: The web will be searching for specific sites that offer specific content. Businesses should ensure that their website offers specific information on exactly what their customers will be searching for. Businesses should also ensure that they are relevant to their customers. Ensure that your business is identified in its correct region and genre by search engines.  Ensure that pages can be found in a human way, and not just through obscure keywords.

High Quality Media: There is absolutely nothing stopping a business from creating and uploading high quality media related to their business. It is extremely affordable and simple to create professional grade video. Businesses should try to connect with their customers through media, not merely text. An example of this would be creating tutorial videos on how to use a product, live streaming a show every week demonstrating a products uses, or creating “how-its-made” style videos so customers can better understand products. Websites can be updated as well to have rich animation and media, and be visually pleasing. The days of complicated coding and outsourcing for media projects are gone.

Mobilization: Businesses need to realize that a significant portion of their traffic comes from mobile devices, and mobile users are impatient. A mobile user wants to know information such as contact information and products immediately, without having to spend much time on a website. Website should also work fully on small displays such as smartphones.

The internet is constantly advancing, and growing up. What was impossible ten years ago is now possible, and what is impossible now, will be possible in ten years. Businesses should ensure that they remain up to date with internet technology.



Web 3.0 will change the way people use the internet. Instead of the web being a library of information and keywords, it will become a public forum for information and media that is searchable in a very human way. Business must capitalize on the advancements in media, search, and mobilization in order to grow with their customers. An extremely important element of any modern, internet connected business, is fast and reliable internet. Packetworks can provide all internet needs for any business. 


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