Multi-Site Business

Packetworks connects businesses across networks of any shape or size. Geographic regions, multiple work sites, diverse locations - Packetworks applies the best solution to each unique situation, providing the most comprehensive and reliable connectivity. 

We draw on our expertise and network access to utilize any combination of fibre, ADSL, SDSL, wireless microwave and T1 to provide redundant connectivity and undisturbed high speed service. We construct wide area networks, local area networks and wireless networks. Regardless of your geographic challenges, Packetworks provides turnkey network solutions with expert knowledge to meet your technology needs.

Case Study:
Flanagan Food Service

10x Faster Network, 25% Cost Savings

With a customer base spanning the province of Ontario and three regional offices coordinating deliveries, efficient networking is crucial for Flanagan Food Service. By upgrading hardware and addressing network bottlenecks, Packetworks provided a network that is ten times faster and just 75% of the cost of the previous network. Learn More.

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